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Wild Game Processing

We offer wild game and fair animal processing at Mad Butcher Meat Company.

All orders under 100lbs are a flat rate of $100.00. All orders over 100lbs are $1.00/lb. 

All skinning requires a $35.00 fee. 

The current turn around time for all county fair animals and wild game is 4-6 weeks from store drop-off. 

Items we are able to process:

• Steaks

• Chops

• Roast

• Stew Meat

• Hamburger

• Breakfast Sausage (choice of hot or mild)

• Salami Sticks

• Jerky (Hot, Mild, and/or Teriyaki)

• Custom processing, just ask!

Receiving Hours:

Monday through Saturday
We are unavailable for receiving during 1PM-2PM for lunch

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