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Bison Marrow Bones, expertly cut in small batches at Mad Butcher Meat. These bones are sourced from hormone and antibiotic-free bison, ensuring the highest quality and purity for your culinary creations or your pet's enjoyment.

Our Bison Marrow Bones are carefully selected for their size and quality, and then precisely cut in-house to provide convenient and flavorful portions. These bones are rich in nutrient-dense marrow, which offers a delectable and nourishing experience.

Bison, being a lean and nutritious meat, provides a unique flavor profile that sets it apart. The marrow within the bones adds richness and depth, making them an excellent choice for adding flavor to broths, stews, or roasted dishes. The cut bones allow for easier access to the marrow, making it convenient to extract and enjoy.

As a pet treat, these Bison Marrow Bones offer both entertainment and health benefits. Chewing on the bones can help satisfy your pet's natural urge to chew, promote dental health by assisting in plaque removal, and provide a source of beneficial nutrients.

We take pride in sourcing our bison from trusted suppliers who raise their animals with care, ensuring they are free from hormones and antibiotics. At Mad Butcher Meat, we prioritize quality and strive to provide you with products that meet our rigorous standards.

Approximately 2.5-3.5 LBS per bag

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