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Indulge your pet with our dehydrated chicken breast strips, a delicious and satisfying treat they'll love. These strips are made from high-quality chicken breast meat, carefully dehydrated to preserve their natural flavors and nutrients.

With their irresistible crunchiness, our chicken breast strips provide a delightful texture that pets enjoy. They are packed with protein, making them a wholesome snack that supports your pet's overall health and vitality. Whether you're rewarding your furry friend during training sessions or simply treating them to something special, our chicken breast strips are sure to be a hit.

Each bag contains approximately 0.25 pounds of dehydrated chicken breast strips, providing plenty of treats for your pet to enjoy. They are conveniently packaged to maintain freshness and ensure easy storage.

To keep the chicken breast strips at their best, it's important to store them in a cool and dry place. This helps maintain their texture and flavor over time, so you can continue to delight your pet with their favorite snack.

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