Welcome to our esteemed team! We are thrilled to collaborate with you and provide top-notch raw meat product manufacturing services. Kindly review the following information to commence our partnership:

Meet the Team:

Kelly Shum - kelly.shum@madbutchermeat.com
Jasmine Shum - jasmine.shum@madbutchermeat.com

6480 Florin Perkins Road, Sacramento, CA 95828

Our Facility and Compliance: Our production facility is a dual USDA/FDA inspected establishment, granting us the authority to process raw meat products for both human and domesticated companion consumption, specifically for public distribution. We uphold rigorous standards of production, compliance, and record-keeping throughout the entire process.

We exclusively source proteins and ingredients from USDA inspected facilities.

Packaging Options: We offer 1lb blocks and 5lb pillow cases for all ground raw products. Presently, we do not produce "patties," "nuggets," or freeze-dried options. All packages are vacuum-sealed and frozen.

Approved Packaging Guidelines and Vendors

Production Minimums: Each production run necessitates a minimum quantity of 1,000lbs per packaging type and per unique blend.

Product Development: You have the freedom to either formulate your own recipe/product or rely on our expertise to develop tailored recipes to suit your needs.

Ordering Guidelines: Upon receiving a quote, a Purchase Order (PO) must be submitted and paid in full before release. Credit and terms may be considered after a 6-month period, subject to approval by Mad Butcher Meat Company.

Once production is completed, all finished products must be picked up within 2 weeks. Failure to do so will incur a storage fee of $22.00 per calendar day, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Production Overview and Timelines: The initial order typically requires the longest production time to ensure the final product meets your satisfaction.

Most orders have a turnaround time of approximately 2 weeks from the time of PO submission. Please note that overtime or rush projects may entail additional fees.

The Mad Butcher Meat team will handle the delivery of the final product, labels, and packaging. Your account executive will serve as the project manager and provide guidance on questions, timelines, potential delays, and pricing.

All pricing quotes encompass the finished blend, film packaging, labor, and frozen storage for 2 weeks.

Please be aware that due to the nature of raw meat, the presence of salmonella, listeria, or other foodborne pathogens may occur and should not be used as a basis for non-payment or refund claims against Mad Butcher Meat Company. Claims can only be submitted if we failed to handle or store the product correctly.

Ready to embark on creating your own raw meat products? Reach out to us at info@madbutchermeat.com to initiate the process.

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