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Mad Butcher Meat

In 1989, Michael and Diana Shum took over the Mad Butcher Meat Company in a small, old-fashioned shop on Folsom Blvd. Driven by a love for exceptional meat, they worked long hours to turn that little shop into the popular specialty shop it is today. The business quickly grew, but by 1992, they were looking for new opportunities and expanded into catering specialty cuts of meat to local restaurants. With the retail and commercial business combined, their sales volume soon outgrew the small 2,500 sq ft shop and they migrated to a brand new store on Florin Perkins Road. 

 In 2019, their daughter Kelly joined the Mad Butcher to expand their legacy. As an activist, her vision is simple: purpose and profit must co-exist and thrive. Kelly is an activist and advocate for many causes, but her greatest passion concerns food accessibility. “Everyone deserves access to clean, affordable, nutritious food. High-quality food should not come at a premium and considered a luxury”. 

 In Sacramento, Mad Butcher Meat is known as one of the most well-loved specialty shops in the area. We are the only butcher shop in Sacramento that has implemented the volunteer meat inspection by USDA and FDA (the most rigorous food inspection available in the country). But above all, the owners and employees of Mad Butcher Meat pride themselves on happy customers, and the testimonials can attest to our exceptional customer service.

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