FDA Manufacturing Guidelines for Raw Pet Food

As an FDA inspected facility, we manufacture our raw pet food according to their "MANUFACTURE AND LABELING OF RAW MEAT FOODS FOR COMPANION AND CAPTIVE NONCOMPANION CARNIVORES AND OMNIVORES" industry guide. 

We believe in full transparency with our manufacturing process, which is outlined below. The full guide is available on the FDA website

Ingredient Sourcing and Manufacturing

  • All meat- and poultry-derived ingredients is United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)/Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)-inspected and passed for human consumption.
  • We do not guarantee proteins are grassfed, grass finished, cage free, or antibiotic-free. Due to our volume of manufacturing, these items are too limited in stock to ensure continuity and keeping product in stock
  • All other ingredients should be suitable for use in animal feeds; that is, the ingredients should be of an appropriate grade that qualified experts would agree they are safe for use in raw food for animals.
  • The USDA, which oversees the slaughtering of animals for human consumption, would not allow diseased or disabled animals into the plant for processing in the first place.
  • Meat and meat byproducts not directly suitable for animal food that are designated as 4-D (dead, dying, diseased or disabled). These are considered adulterated—unless processed in a manner that rids them of disease-causing microorganisms prior to becoming animal feed. This is most often done by rendering, which subjects the materials to heat and pressure to eliminate harmful bacteria. Raw materials that may have come from diseased or disabled animals are prohibited from use as raw animal feed or raw pet food.


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