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Cook hundreds of different culinary masterpieces with these CenSea IQF peeled and deveined tail off white shrimp. These white shrimp come peeled, deveined, and tailless to offer a deliciously fresh, meaty taste with all of the prep work done for you! With a mild flavor that blends well with a variety of ingredients, this crustacean is extremely versatile in its menu applications. Serve your guests a shrimp and snow pea salad with a sesame oil dressing, or deliver a classic shrimp scampi or spaghetti with shrimp and pesto dish with a side of crusty Italian bread. You can even use these to make your signature seafood chowder, or shrimp tacos. No matter how you present them, customers will appreciate their insanely fresh taste without the hassle of tail-on shrimp in their plated meals.

  • Peeled and deveined, tail off, small-sized white shrimp
  • 51 to 60 shrimp per pound
  • Great for salads, shrimp scampi, and other pasta dishes
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