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Certified Angus Beef ®
Richwood Meat Angus
Grass Fed-Finished
Ground Chuck and Brisket

Richwood Meat Company’s Fresh and IQF Patties are manufactured using Formax® Forming Machines with the Tender-Form® System. Tender-Form® creates small columns of meat that are vertically stacked and the advantages of this system includes: improved cook times, even cooking across the patty, consistent cooking temperatures, better overall finished shape with a better more natural eating texture. All of Richwood Meat’s patties are manufactured with separate patty papers between each of the patties and our IQF patties are also scored.

Richwood Meat’s Smash Patties are the lightest, fluffiest, juiciest and the most tender hamburger patties created with a “Home-Made” appearance. The finished smash patty has a superior bite, texture and eating quality of a Hand-Made burger with the possibility of being manufactured from any size between 4oz. to 10oz.

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