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These New York Strip Steaks are not only delicious, but they also offer holistic health benefits, thanks to the natural tenderizing process we use. We tenderize these steaks with papain, a natural enzyme derived from papaya that has been valued for centuries in traditional medicine for its healing properties. Papain is known to aid in digestion, reduce inflammation, and support the body's natural detoxification processes.

Each package contains 7-10 individually sealed steaks, weighing a total of 5 pounds. By tenderizing the steaks with papain, we not only enhance their tenderness and juiciness but also provide an added boost of holistic health benefits. Papain helps break down proteins, making the meat easier to digest and allowing your body to absorb essential nutrients more efficiently.

These tenderized New York Strip Steaks feature a perfect balance of fat along the edge and marbling throughout, resulting in a mouthwatering and flavorful dining experience. Whether you grill, pan-sear, or broil them, you can enjoy the incredible tenderness and robust taste of these steaks while also reaping the holistic health benefits of papain.

7-10 individually sealed steaks in each package

Ingredients: Beef, Salt, Dextrose, Sugar, Yeast, Papain, Soybean Oil and spices

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