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Discover the extraordinary taste of our Responsibly Sourced Cocktail Crab Claws, harvested from the pristine waters of Canada and Alaska!

We take great pride in offering you the finest quality Cocktail Crab Claws that are sustainably and responsibly sourced. Our commitment to preserving the environment and supporting local fishermen ensures that every claw comes from wild-caught crabs, harvested using eco-friendly practices.

Each claw is fully cooked and expertly flash-frozen to seal in its exceptional flavor and delicate texture. With our Cocktail Crab Claws, you can enjoy the convenience of having them ready to eat as soon as they are thawed, making them a hassle-free and delightful addition to your seafood repertoire.

Savor the natural sweetness of our 100% Opilio Crab. These claws boast a succulent taste that is truly unmatched, delivering a sensational culinary experience with every bite. Whether you're serving them as an appetizer, adding them to salads or pasta dishes, or creating your own signature seafood creation, our Cocktail Crab Claws are sure to impress.

Each pound contains an average of 16-20 Cocktail Claws, providing an ample quantity to satisfy your cravings or serve as a delightful centerpiece at your next gathering. With their exceptional quality and robust flavor, these claws are perfect for seafood enthusiasts who appreciate the finest offerings from the ocean.

Indulge in responsibly sourced, wild-caught, and fully cooked Cocktail Crab Claws that bring the flavors of Canada and Alaska to your table. Order now and experience the taste of pristine waters and the expertise of our dedicated fishermen.

Please note: Our Cocktail Crab Claws are packaged with care and shipped frozen to preserve their freshness.

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