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Turkey with Bone Blend

Turkey Thigh Meat, Turkey Necks, Turkey Hearts, Turkey Gizzard, Turkey Liver

Ratios: 80/10/10

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Fiber:

16oz vacuum sealed package

This blend combines high-quality turkey thigh meat, turkey necks, turkey hearts, turkey gizzard, and turkey liver to provide a nourishing and balanced meal for your pet. Here's why our Turkey with Bone Blend is an excellent choice from a Chinese holistic pet diet perspective:

  1. Turkey Thigh Meat: Turkey thigh meat is a warming protein source in Chinese holistic pet diet. It is believed to support energy circulation, strengthen the spleen, and promote overall vitality.

  2. Turkey Necks: Turkey necks provide a natural source of calcium and are beneficial for dental health. Chewing on turkey necks can help clean your pet's teeth and gums, supporting their oral hygiene.

  3. Turkey Hearts: Turkey hearts are considered a highly nutritious organ meat in Chinese holistic pet diet. They are believed to nourish the heart and support cardiovascular health.

  4. Turkey Gizzard: The turkey gizzard is a muscular organ that helps grind and digest food. In Chinese holistic pet diet, turkey gizzards are valued for their ability to strengthen the digestive system and promote healthy digestion.

  5. Turkey Liver: Turkey liver is a nutrient-dense organ meat that provides essential vitamins and minerals. In Chinese holistic pet diet, turkey liver is believed to support the liver's detoxification function and enhance overall health.

By incorporating our Turkey with Bone Blend into your pet's diet, you are providing them with a balanced and natural meal that aligns with the principles of Chinese holistic pet diet. As with any dietary changes, it is recommended to consult with a holistic veterinarian or a knowledgeable professional to ensure that the blend meets your pet's specific dietary needs.

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